XSL Transformation Task

The XSL Transformation Task is a task that allows to do XSL transformation during the build.


Available from version 1.7


Simple example

2  <xmlfile>XMLFile</xmlfile>
3  <xslfile>XSLFile</xslfile>
4  <outputfile>OutputFile</outputfile>

Full example

2  <xmlfile>XMLFile</xmlfile>
3  <xslfile>XSLFile</xslfile>
4  <outputfile>OutputFile</outputfile>
5  <xsltArgs>
6    <namedValue name="BuildDate" value="$[$CCNetBuildDate]" />
7  </xsltArgs>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
description Description used for the visualisation of the buildstage, if left empty the process name will be shown. String No The task/publisher name. 17
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the task. Dynamic Values array No None 17
environment A set of environment variables set for commands that are executed.
Each variable should be specified as
1<variable name="name" value="value" />

Environment Variable array No
outputfile The name of the output file into which the transformation result will be written String Yes None 1.7
xmlfile The name of the XML file that acts as the source of the transformation. String Yes None 1.7
xslfile The name of the XSL file that is used to apply the transformation. String Yes None 1.7
xsltArgs The arguments to give to the XSL transformation. You could use this to send an integration property (build date, build time, reason) to the XSL stylesheet so that it can use it to generate the output. Please see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dfktf882.aspx for detailed usage informations Named Value array No n/a 1.7

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