Mercurial Source Control Block

Provides support for Mercurial repositories. Checking for changes, checking out or updating sources, committing build modifications and untracked files, tagging, pushing to the remote repository, reverting modifications and purging untracked and ignored files are supported.


Available from version 1.5


 1<sourcecontrol type="hg">
 2  <workingDirectory>c:\dev\ccnet\myproject</workingDirectory>
 3  <timeout>60000</timeout>
 4  <repo></repo>
 5  <branch>trunk</branch>
 6  <multipleHeadsFail>true</multipleHeadsFail>
 7  <tagOnSuccess>true</tagOnSuccess>
 8  <commitModifications>true</commitModifications>
 9  <commitUntracked>true</commitUntracked>
10  <purgeModifications>true</purgeModifications>
11  <revertModifications>true</revertModifications>
12  <tagCommitMessage>Tagging CC.NET build {0}</tagCommitMessage>
13  <modificationsCommitMessage>Modifications of CC.NET build {0}</modificationsCommitMessage>
14  <tagNameFormat>ccnet_build_{0}</tagNameFormat>
15  <committerName>CruiseControl.NET</committerName>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
type The type of source control block. String - must be hg Yes n/a 1.5
autoGetSource Whether to update the local working copy from the local repository for a particular build. Boolean No true 1.5
branch Repository branch. String No None 1.5
commitModifications Whether to commit build modifications. Boolean No false 1.6
committerName User name used for commits. String No CruiseControl.NET 1.6
commitUntracked Whether to commit untracked and removed files along with build modifications. Boolean No false 1.6
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the source control block. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
executable The location of the hg executable. String No hg 1.5
issueUrlBuilder Converts the comment (or parts from it) into an url pointing to the issue for this build. See IssueUrlBuilder for more details. IssueUrlBuilder No None 15
modificationsCommitMessage Log message used when committing build modifications. String No Modifications of CC.NET build \{0\} 1.6
multipleHeadsFail Whether the source control operation should fail if multiple heads exist in the repository. Boolean No false 1.5
purgeModifications Whether to purge untracked and ignored files before building.
The hg purge extension is activated and used for this feature.
Boolean No false 1.6
pushModifications Whether to push modifications to the remote repository. Boolean No false 1.6
repo The url for your repository (e.g., http://hgserver/myproject/).
This ReflectorProperty should really be named repository but is currently kept as repo for backwards compatibility
String No None 1.5
revertModifications Whether to revert modifications in tracked files before building. Boolean No false 1.6
tagCommitMessage Log message format to be used for the tag commits. String No Tagging CC.NET build \{0\} 1.5
tagNameFormat String format for tags in your repository. String No ccnet_build_\{0\} 1.6
tagOnSuccess Indicates that the repository should be tagged if the build succeeds. Boolean No false 1.5
timeout Sets the timeout period for the source control operation. See Timeout Configuration for details. Timeout Configuration No 10 minutes 15
webUrlBuilder Generates a web URL. IssueUrlBuilder No None 1.5
workingDirectory The directory containing the locally checked out workspace. String No Project Working Directory 1.5


You need to make sure your hg client settings are such that all authentication is automated. Typically you can do this by using anonymous access or appropriate SSH setups if using hg over SSH.

You can link the modifications detected by CruiseControl.NET to the appropriate hgweb page by adding the following additional configuration information to the Mercurial source control section by using the Mercurial Issue Tracker URL Builder.

External contributors: Bill Barry (initial version), Aaron Jensen (new history parser)

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