CCNet 1.8.4 Released

This update mainly has WebDashboard and sourcecontrol improvements, also some issues are fixed in the parallel task.
Added by Ruben Willems almost 5 years ago

The fourth fix for 1.8 has been released : 1.8.4
This update mainly has WebDashboard and sourcecontrol improvements, also some issues are fixed in the parallel task.

Highlights :
° Subversion/SVN 1.7 should work
° support for VS/TFS 2012
° Force button works when using the new categories in farmreport
° improve speed of several dashboard pages
° show logged in username in the dashboard

Powershell tasks are not fixed yet, these are for 1.8.5, which version will be released around end October 2013.

Below are the 33 things that are fixed :
Bug #196: "Invalid revision range" during modifications check if multiple git source control used
Bug #207: VS 2012 isn't supported as a TFS client
Bug #215: Force button does not work when using the new categories in farmreport
Bug #234: ccnet assumes existence of a .svn folder implies the folder is a working svn folder
Bug #240: Conditional publisher stops working
Bug #244: Subversion/SVN 1.7 upgrade causes CruiseControl.Net to checkout instead of update
Bug #249: p4 sourcecontrol block's workingDirectory is ignored
Bug #254: MSBuild XmlLogger
Bug #262: Can not force build from web dashboard
Bug #264: Can't Find Final Builder 7 Executable on 64 Bit OS
Bug #275: Accurev updates do not respect history gathered.
Bug #282: System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
Bug #283: Potential crash in ParallelTask
Bug #284: <commitBuildModifications> does not update appear to update "latest commit" value
Bug #290: Statistics publisher uses CurrentCulture for values
Bug #292: improve speed mstest cover page
Bug #293: Improve build page : compile.xsl transform
Bug #298: Fix missing defaults for clearcase sourcecontrol properties
Feature #238: MSTest Categories
Feature #239: <p4> source control block modifications
Feature #246: show logged in username in the dashboard
Feature #247: <p4> source control block <view> element accepts all valid depot path
Feature #250: spanish translation for dashboard
Feature #256: The CCNet should support TFS 2012 explorer client.
Feature #260: Add build report for showing console output
Feature #286: mstest : show failed tests at top
Feature #287: mstest : show longest tests
Feature #289: improve the nunit test page
Feature #296: categorized farm view should show the amount of projects per category
Feature #299: Add support for an incrementOnFailure node in the DateLabeller
Feature #300: CCTray: Open connection and authenticate
Task #273: better display of warnings and errors in dashboard
Task #288: improve mstest page


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